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Posted 1614 days ago

by Angelo (admin)

New bugreporter base

Hi all!

The bugreporter now runs on a new base, which should improve stability and extendability. Woo!

Posted 1582 days ago

by Angelo (admin)


Welp, turns out we had a huge backlog of emails stuck in the pipes. We just sent 258 emails in one blow. Sorry about that.

In other news, we'll be releasing The June Update soon!

Posted 1554 days ago

by Angelo (admin)

Faster bugreporter and such

Greatly improved general performance of our bugreporter, as well as added some features that will allow this to be a more general reporter for multiple projects with different sets of developer groups (Serious Sam 2, ClipUpload 4 and Nimble Writer)

Thanks for helping us help you help us all!

Posted 1405 days ago

by Angelo (admin)

New bugreporter interface

Hey all.

Now the bugreporter has a new modern interface that works a little nicer than before. This is particularly useful because it will now properly work on smartphone screens as well.